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Lesson Information and Services
Private lessons on brass and drum set are available at a variety of times during both daytime and evening hours.  

Prices cover the cost of books and are one easy monthly fee!  One hour lessons are the most recommended since students see the most progress, however, half hour lessons are available upon request.

Prices below are the discounted monthly amounts, but per-lesson pricing is also available.
For Lessons Starting at or After 3 PM:
• 60 min weekly lessons
   - $175 per month

• 30 min weekly lessons
   - $100 per month

For Lessons Ending at or Before 3 PM:
• 60 min weekly lessons
  - $160 per month*

• 30 min weekly lessons
  - $90 per month*

For Lessons "As Needed":
• 60 min lessons
      - $50 per lesson

• 30 min lessons
      - $27 per lesson

*Early discounts do not apply to lessons taught off-site.  Off site lessons may have a monthly trip charge.
If any specific gear is needed, please ask!